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Gas Station with Convenience Store that has Liquor License

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Category: Sold

Listing 052114-W
Listing 052114-W

Gas Information and Gallons per month

They pump on average 35 gallons per month, winter and summer.
Presently they have a “Safe Suction” fuel system. This is the safest and most maintenance free system available. This is a no pressurized system; there are no submersible pumps in the tanks.

The gas pumps are actually gas pumps not dispensers. The pumps suck the gas out of the tanks when in use and gas free flows back into the tanks when not in use. These pumps are faster than dispensers making fueling faster for the customer and especially boats.

They carry regular 87 octane with up to 10% ethanol (but is not reformulated which is better). Also they carry 91-93 octane depending on season with out ethanol.

This is extremely sought after for boats, old cars and small engines. They have People driving from Illinois and quite a distance for this gas. They also get customers from old car clubs and boat racers from both Wisconsin and Illinois
specifically looking for this gas.

C-Store with liquor sales per month

The Store on average $45,000.00 per month, not including Lottery. They have the largest selection in the city. Also not included is the ATM machine, Air and Vacuum machines, they bring in $2,000.00 a year.

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