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Vodka M.F.G. and Distributer

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Category: Current

Listing 121512
Listing 121512
Listing 121512
Listing 121512
Listing 121512
Listing 121512

NOTE: The Company is not Producing or in Operation at the present time.

Purchase Price includes the following:
Trade-Mark, Product Formula, All Licenses, All the Distribution Rights, All Websites, Customer Lists, All Computer Programs.

At the present time the inventory in the warehouse is approximately $80,000.00 and in Holland at the distillery is $20,000.00.

Company History
Winner of 4,200 of 4,500 taste tests against some of the vodka industry’s best known brands, YES Vodka is considered among industry veterans and consumers as one of the smoothest vodkas in the world.

YES Vodka’s fast paced growth is accredited to it’s cutting edge social media campaign as well as the fast growing spirits segment in the U.S. today. Vodka accounts for 31% of all spirits purchased and growing.

When three spirits industry veterans decided to create a super-premium vodka for sale in the U.S. market in 2006, they launched a global search for the best that vodka has to offer.

The road led them to the Dutch countryside and a meeting with master distiller, Rene Vriends. What the YES Vodka team and Vriends mapped out was the idea of creating a vodka from wheat with a taste so pure and refined that it would stand out in a crowded vodka field and be appealing taken straight as a traditional martini, served on-the-rocks or mixed into specialty drinks.

Some vodkas use inexpensive filtration methods that can give the finished product an unwanted taste and odor. YES Vodka uses four different filters as part of our unique process. In addition to the filtration, YES Vodka’s proprietary process starts with a reverse osmosis water filtration and a quadruple distillation process. YES Vodka’s patented formulation creates a super-premium vodka with a clean and smooth finish with no burn down the throat. Most vodka’s do not have this smooth finish. YES has a very supple and delicate taste followed by a medium-bodied mouth feel with just a slight touch of citrus and spice. On the rocks, straight up or as a mix, vodka is that most American of beverages: eminently flexible (it mixes with anything) and so light, pure and clean that vodka enhances whatever it is mixed with.

As three men started with a mission to create a vodka of extraordinary purity, Yes Vodka’s proprietary formula and process resulted in the creation of the purest and smoothest vodka the founders had ever tasted.

Summary Overview
To take the company to the next level, buyer expect to spend additional $1 million to expand the distribution, marketing and sales of YES vodka in the U.S. PSW projects annual sales growth from 13,000 six-pack cases of YES vodka now to over 120,000 six-pack cases of YES vodka by 2016.

Achievement of this level of case sales volume will create a profitable and valuable entity. There is an established record of small spirits companies and brands being purchased by large industry spirits leaders at high multiples PSW believes it will be an attractive acquisition target within four to six years for large spirits companies such as Diageo, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Jim Beam or Brown Forman. We already have well established relationships at very high levels in four of the largest spirits companies in the world via our outstanding Board of Directors.

YES is now carried in approximately 2,800 account locations in seven states (some of which are still brand new distribution states for us) and we are pleased to have added 1,100 accounts during the first six months of 2011 in California alone.

Showing of the business
At the owner’s request, to maintain confidentiality and to avoid disruption of the Company, all discussions concerning this Confidential Business Profile or questions about the Company should be channeled through Venture Business Brokers, Ltd., and there should be no direct contact with the Company or its personnel.

Owner financing is available on the purchase of the business or business and building.

Salon Suites

Listing ID: S.050411

Category: Current

The owner built 4 individual suites and spent on the build out cost $150,000.00. The suite has sprinkler
system and was completed in 2009.

Rent Information
Three of suites are rented and the fourth one is occupied by the owner and he also will sign a lease.

Suite #1 $875.00 per month = $10,500.00 per year.
Lease New January 1st. 2015 one year.
Suite #2 $800.00 per month = $ 9,600.00 per year.
Lease New February 1st. 2015 one year.
Suite #3 $875.00 per month = $10,500.00 per year.
Lease New January 1st. 2015 one year.
Suite #4 $750.00 per month = $ 9,000.00 per year.
Lease New January 1st. 2015 one year.

All leases have been extended. The owner will find new tenants if needed in the future if the Buyer wants.

Owner Expenses
The expenses on average per. month.
Gas $100.00, Electric $150.00, Water $50.00, R.E. Tax $225.00, Insurance $15.00, C.A.M. $339.00.

Total: $879.00 per month = $10,548.00 per year.

Cash Flow
Income: $39,600.00
Expenses: $10,548.00

Bakery, Wholesale Retail Bakery, Restaurant

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Category: Current

Listing 061915
Listing 061915
Listing 061915
Listing 061915
Listing 061915
Listing 061915

The Building is used for a Bakery. Ideal for Wholesale and Retail Bakery or a Restaurant. At the present time his sales are $5,000.00 Retail and $3,000.00 in Wholesale. He wants to retire due to his age.

Owner financing is available on the purchase of the business or business and building.

Natural-Stone, Marble, Restoration, Refinishing and Repairer for Commercial and Residential

Listing ID: 110316

Category: Sold

Listing 110316
Listing 110316

Company History
The owner found Sungloss Marble Company when he discovered a need for such a service in the local marketplace. After careful research and training with specialists flown in from Germany. The owner came across something extraordinary.

What he wound up doing was eliminating the need to topcoats and waxes. In stead they use diamonds, wet sanding processes, and water-based natural materials that allow one to polish and prepare the marble without harmful chemicals, dust, toxic debris. That, in and of itself, is very environmentally friendly. His processes restores rather than replacing floors also has the added benefits of saving the client money.

The Company has a database of 8,000 + customers.
The Company has a great exposure to potential, new customers through their website and has been Search Engine Optimized.

Percentage of sales with clients
Construction “punch lists” = 20%
Condo Associations = 10%
Commercial Buildings = 20%
Hotels = 20%
High end Residential = 30%

Property Information
Construction: Brick
Stories: 2
Parking: 8 in the back
Zoning: B3-1

The owner(s) will train the buyer(s) for four (4) weeks, full-time (40 hours per week) and four (4) weeks part-time (25 hours per week), at owners expense. If the Buyer wants to retain the Owner as a Consultant he will negotiate with the owner.

All training will be done after closing on the sale of the business.

Owner financing is available on the purchase of the business or business and building.

Pancake House and Restaurant

Listing ID: 091215

Category: Current

Listing 091215

Company History
The owner build the Restaurant in 2008 and opened for business in May of 2008 as a Pancake House.

Gas Station with C-Store with Liquor License in Kane Count near Dundee

Listing ID: 012715

Category: Under Contract

This is an ongoing business, for the past 30 years under the same ownership.
The Station recently re-imaged to Phillips 66. New canopy fascia, new ID Sign.

Gas Information and Gallons per. month:
They pump on average 45 gallons per month.

The tanks and the dispensers where replaced 10 years ago.

All the EPA requirements are met and are completely current.

C-Store with liquor sales per. month:

The Store on average sales $ 100,000.00 per. month.

At the present time they don’t sale Lottery. You can add the lotto.

Note: The store can be extended.

Salon Suites, Investment opportunity with Property

Listing ID: 060411

Category: Current

The property is on 1,100 Sq. Ft. Condo unit. It is located below a condo home development near downtown Westmont.

The owner built 4 individual suites and spent $160,000.00 in the build-out. The suite has a sprinkler system and was completed in late 2009.

He rents out the whole unit to one person who is responsible to lease the other suites. That individual is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hall unit. That individual has signed through January, 2016.


7 Bay Auto Repair Shop

Listing ID: 120112

Category: Sold

Listing 120112
Listing 120112

This is a great opportunity for owner operator to replace the MG/Repairman that makes over $50,000.00 per year. The owner works during the week same time after 4:00 P.M. only, and on Saturdays.