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Bakery, Wholesale Retail Bakery, Restaurant

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Listing 061915
Listing 061915
Listing 061915
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Listing 061915

The Building is used for a Bakery. Ideal for Wholesale and Retail Bakery or a Restaurant. At the present time his sales are $5,000.00 Retail and $3,000.00 in Wholesale. He wants to retire due to his age.

Owner financing is available on the purchase of the business or business and building.

Pancake House and Restaurant

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Listing 091215

Company History
The owner build the Restaurant in 2008 and opened for business in May of 2008 as a Pancake House.

Salon Suites, Investment opportunity with Property

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The property is on 1,100 Sq. Ft. Condo unit. It is located below a condo home development near downtown Westmont.

The owner built 4 individual suites and spent $160,000.00 in the build-out. The suite has a sprinkler system and was completed in late 2009.

He rents out the whole unit to one person who is responsible to lease the other suites. That individual is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the hall unit. That individual has signed through January, 2016.


Special Brand Vodka Wholesaler, Distributor Nationwide. The Distillery is in Holland.

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This brand name has been in the market for 4 years and made major market distribution. The vodka is distilled in Holland. The company can be relocated anywhere in the country or the world.

The owner of the brand created a vodka from wheat with a unique process and formula that it has a taste so pure and refined that it would stand out in a crowded vodka field. Market driven through social media has shown accelerated growth in the 21-40 year old market. So pure Mixes well with anything or enjoy a traditional martini, served on-the-rocks

Winner of 4200 out of 4500 taste tests.


The Vodka market is growing dramatically. According to statistics from the January 2011 report of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, vodka clearly dominates the spirits landscape. in the US.

  • Vodka consumption accounts for approximately 31% of all distilled spirits sold in the U.S.
  • This represents overall growth in U.S. vodka case sales of 6.1% in 2010 to a total of 118 million cases (of six packs) sold. The spirits industry reports sales in 9 Liter case volumes which represents a 12 pack of 750 ML bottles. We converted the industry case sales data to six pack cases since that is the case unit size that PSW and the rest of the industry actually sell.

The market for premium spirits has exploded in the last 20 years and is not showing any signs of slowing down and vodka sales are continuing on an even faster pace even in a tough economy.

  • Vodka revenues in the U.S. totaled $4.8 billion in 2010.
  • The 1st six months of 2011 have shown additional 2.6% growth.
  • Key long term contracts with major Distributors allows for national distribution.
  • sale volume tripled from 2010 to 2011
  • Company has significant sales arena contracts and top level music artist’s endorsements that can propel the brand into a major national brand contender.

Dry cleaning and laundry drop-off store

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Listing 152514
Listing 152514
Listing 152514

Wage: $530.00 per wk or 30% of the EMPLOYEES CHART

1 Tailor/M.G.
Wage: $530.00 per wk or 30% of the tailoring for that wk. plus 10:00 per hr.

1 Counter
Wage: $11.00 per hr.

NOTE: If you want the present owner to do the wholesale, for dry clean items $1.75 each (up charge for down coats $4.50) and shirt launder $1.00.

For complete Profile you have to sign Buyers Confidential Agreement.