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I have been using Brokerage Concepts CD version for writing Business Profiles after I have listed a business for sale. Formerly, I always struggled to write a brief outline and called it a confidential business profile. That was not my strength as a Business Broker.

I now install the CD and go directly to the specific type of business that I have just listed. All that remains is to fill in the blanks using our stationary and it is then ready for marketing to the wide audience.

It certainly is a valuable tool in our office at a very fair price. Thanks, John, for creating this time saving marketing concept.

Lou Santangelo,
President Sans & Company

I remember when you first came out with the idea of the Business Profile templates. Hate to admit I am that old, but it was a very good product and after all of these years of working on it, I know it is the best.

We are constantly getting calls from brokers and M&A firms asking if we do this and I tell them no, as we strictly do business appraisals. From now on, I will definitely refer them to you. Great idea, and thanks for letting me know about it.

George D. Abraham,
CEO and Chief Appraiser Business Evaluation Systems

I met John Mikaelian in the early 1980’s when he first came into our industry to become a Business Broker. A few years later, he contacted me and wanted me to evaluate his manual on listing, packaging and presenting business opportunities. At that time, the manual contained 20 or 25 templates for “Confidential Business Profiles,” each one representing a different industry.

After reviewing this manual, I told John that it was the best thing for brokers to use to professionally present their listings.

The new version of the manual, which has now been placed into a CD format, contains 56 templates, each pertaining to a different type of business or industry.

I strongly recommend John’s CD, How to List, Package & Present Business Opportunities. It will be a great help in representing your clients. Sellers and Buyers receiving a prospectus prepared in this fashion will be very pleased with the way you are presenting their business for sale.

Tom West
Business Brokerage Press

I have reviewed the product presently being distributed by John Mikaelian and Brokerage Concepts. I find that this information is useful for brokers to establish continuity within their practice when preparing marketing documents. First impressions are so important when presenting an acquisition opportunity to a prospect and the format provided by Brokerage Concepts and their products would help in this respect. They are also good tools to help even the seasonal professional not to overlook certain components of a marketing package.

Daniel Hall, CBI, CMEA
Hallmark Business Group

Just a note to let you know that I am glad that I purchased your “Brokerage Concepts” CD. It is very well organized and should be of value to anyone who wants to do a professional job in representing his Seller.

I should add that the CD is also most useful in preparing presentations for prospective Buyers of various Businesses.

Most importantly, I appreciate your taking time to answer any questions that have arisen from time to time.

In conclusion, I would recommend that anyone who cares about being a Professional Business Broker to purchase your CD.

Mark Shuman , CRS
Business Broker/Real Estate Broker/Builder
Worldwide Realty, LLC

I have just finished reading your manual “How to list, Package and Present Business Opportunities.”

I found this as an excellent “how to” program and assume that your company also provides additional personal training for agents that are interested in commercial projects.

As an ex-banker of over 23 years, I can appreciate the time and expense you have generated to prepare this product to the real estate market. I do plan on using your manual as a very important training tool for my agents and am convinced that it can be of benefit to agencies that have a request for commercial listing but yet are residential organized.

Much luck to you and your organization and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Vernon H. McKinley, President.
Red Carpet Keim, Coats Financial Services, LTD Real Estate

Please accept my apologies in the long delay in my response to reviewing your “How to list, Package and Present Business Opportunities” Manual.

The manual is an outstanding compilation of information to present Business Opportunities in their most appropriate light, and therefore, “almost” guaranteed a sale.

Once again John thank you for the opportunity of reviewing this manual, I’m sure when it is promoted among the professionals in our industry, you will receive many orders.

Paul H. Boudo, CBI President.
Paul H. Boudo and Associates, Inc.

I wanted to send this letter to let you know that I am very pleased with the Confidential Business Profile templates my firm purchased from you.

I was impressed with the fact that you developed templates that covered a wide range of business types and that the CBP’s are easy to use and modify. Additionally, I have found by using your profiles that buyers have a much easier time seeing the “big picture” of the business being sold, due the comprehensive nature the profiles.

Quite frankly John, it was tough to write this letter, because I really would prefer that my competitors NOT know about these excellent resources you provide. I feel that they give me a huge advantage, so do me a favor and triple the price on these profiles, they are well worth it.

Tony Calvacca CBI
New York Business Brokerage, Inc.

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